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Farah Benchekroun is a renowned Moroccan fashion designer based in Rabat, known for her elegant, understated, and simple style. She is from Fes and grew up in an artistic environment where fashion was a frequent...


Amine MRANI, born in Casablanca, comes from a family of tailors; his mother, father, aunt, uncle, and grandparents were all involved in the fashion industry. At a young age, he became interested in fashion...

Inesaf Benaissa

A well-known name in the world of Oriental fashion. Inesaf Benaissa collections have been presented on the most prestigious international catwalks such as Paris, Dubai, Amsterdam, and London. Based in Germany, she is deeply connected to...

Allouka Atelier

Allouka Atelier is an Amsterdam-based brand that stands out for its creativity, colors and attractive details. It is known for its unique and exclusive pieces, handcrafted with high quality materials. The brand specializes in...

Maison Yacef

The Yacef Haute Couture House is a haute couture house founded in 1970 in Algiers, Algeria. It quickly becomes one of the symbols of modern Algeria thanks to its exceptional know-how in the creation...
zara rachidi

Zara Rachidi

Zara Rachidi is the founder of CaftanHouse couture. Zara is the Moroccan Caftan ambassador in Australia and represents one of the young Arab women designers worldwide been in the business for  five years as fashion designer...

Zineb Boufarsi

Zineb Boufarsi is a young Moroccan fashion designer with lots of ideas and creativity. Originally from Meknes, Zineb has always been artistic, beading, embroidering and making dresses for herself and her family and friends. She holds...

ELM Samia

Samia El Mesoudy is a Moroccan fashion designer with a passion for fashion, known for her ability to fuse Eastern and Western influences into her traditional haute couture. Originally from Morocco and born in Brussels,...
Emirates palace abu dhabi

Caftan Du Maroc 2023 at the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Let’s take a look at the grandiose flavours of the Orient on February 23, 24 and 25, 2023! A trip to the Middle East is a unique experience, all countries are vibrant with a cultural...

Zoubida Kazi

Kazi Aoual Zoubida is a Franco-Algerian fashion designer recognized on the Algerian fashion scene. Originally from Lille, she has established herself as a symbol of modern Algeria thanks to her work, her talent and her...