interview with stylist ikram Mouch

My name is Ikrame Mouch. I am 42 years old, and I’m a proud mother of six children.
I would describe myself as an openminded, hardworking and goal- oriented woman.

I have a college degree and several years of working-experience in customer support. However, I’ve always found pleasure in beauty and fashion. It used to always just be a hobby of mine, but I soon started taking things more seriously.
After I decided to make a switch in my career, I became a beautysalon owner. Because of this beautysalon, I came in touch with fashion more and more. So much that I eventually developed a passion for fashion. Which explains why I started my career as a fashion designer.

I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I was raised between two cultures. The Arabic culture and the Dutch culture. The beauty of these two cultures can be found in my creations. I love the beldi style, but I also like to add a western touch to the designs.

It’s custom for the Dutch people to feel comfortable in what they wear.
Especially the young women in the Netherlands love to wear dresses that are comfortable and lightweight.
They prefer dresses, that allow them to move freely and enjoy their evening. This makes me lean to the western aspect for them more.
But for the brides and their family the focus is on an eyecatching dress. Therefore, I stay close to beldi creations.
I use inspration from both worlds to create an IM dress.

The fabrics:
The fabrics that I use are always from high quality. I use fabrics from all over the world. Like, silk from India and all sorts of fabric from Morocco.

Why do you want to participate:
By participating in the Maroc event I’ll be able to show my creations to a bigger audience than just Europe and Morocco. With the exposure in the Middle East, I will apply my western style to the Middle Eastern-culture in a modest way.
With my participation I can add a new, modern style to the event.

Abu Dhabi

Entre tradition et sophistication, les tenues signées Ikrame Mouch annoncent incontestablement un vent alliant Occident et Orient

Maman de six enfants, la styliste Ikrame Mouch a pu trouver le bon équilibre et concilier entre sa vie familiale et sa vie professionnelle en tant que femme axée sur les résultats.Une femme qui a toujours trouvé le plaisir dans le monde de la beauté et de la mode et qui a mené de front sa carrière en tant que styliste de haute couture.

Ikrame Mouche est née à Rotterdam, aux Pays-Bas. Elle a grandi entre deux cultures, la culture arabe et la culture néerlandaise. La grandiosité de ces deux cultures s’énoncent clairement dans les chefs-d’œuvre de la styliste.

Un style beldi avec une touche occidentale est la signature originale de la créatrice Ikrame Mouch!

L’intégralité de son parcours est en vidéo!


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