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Jamina Lahssini is Dutch Moroccan Caftan Designer who presented her first collection in 2018.

Jamina studied fashion and worked as an entrepreneur for many years owning her caftan business in the Netherlands. The successful launch of her caftan label is a way to express her caftan style. She combines the simplicity of dutch fashion with the traditional moroccan elements in her caftan design. Her signature designs are feminine and modern combining leather with colourful fabrics.

Inspired by the centuries-old town Fes El Baly and by the couture heritage of Morocco she showcased Le Cuir Noir Collection, a collection that came to life by adding leather to the caftan creating her signature look which also highlights the many different way you can wear the traditional caftan. With the second collection; The Voyage of Venus she added more leather caftan pieces to the collection. Now available at Jamina Lahssini.

For more information on the brand PR & Communications T: +316 33310450

Jamina Lahssini
Prices upon request.
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Dutch Moroccan designer Jamina Lahssini launched her brand JAMINA LAHSSINI in 2018.
Born in the Netherlands in a small town Oudenbosch, also known as the little Italy of the Netherlands. Her love for fashion began at an early age as she tailored and sewed her mothers clothes. Introduced to fashion by her family, she started cutting patterns and deconstruct her mothers design. As an adult she studied fashion design and worked as an entrepreneur for many years owning her caftan business in the Netherlands.

Her collections reveal the modern interpretation of the caftan. Caftan designed to fit into the world of the modern woman. The ready-to-wear collections tailored to women who love the uncomplicated simplicity of the caftan silhouette and want a more sophisticated aesthetic. The Jamina Lahssini caftan is an intricate veil and jewel for the female body with some romantic pieces that are reminiscent to the vintage caftan. Nostalgia at its most beautiful.

The haute couture line includes original custom made pieces for women with their own unique character and style. A touch of class and elegance using the best Moroccan craftsmanship and use of delicate appliques. Adding contrast with textiles adorned with crystals and floral designs. The leather corset belts give the caftan that edgy modern look but can be removed easily to transform the caftan to an elegant garment. Some caftans also have pockets. Soft lace as an accent on the sleeves and as an undergarment for the caftan. Introducing the eye-catching leather caftan jacket featuring a fashion forward approach to caftan wear.

The Jamina Lahssini caftan is brought to life and starts it’s journey through the many travels abroad. To add value to the haute couture pieces each design is hand made using the special traditional sewing techniques. When it comes to caftan design there are no limits or strict rules. It’s all about the perfect comfortable fit and enhancement of the female silhouette.

Le Cuir Noir Collection was the first luxury haute couture line to present to the fashion public and industry. For this collection Jamina was inspired by the centuries-old Medina Fes El Baly where the tanneries have been processing leather for centuries. As a caftan brand she wanted to honour the leather craftsmanship of Fes. The emphasis of the collection was the implementation of leather fabrics in to the caftan design to create her signature look, hence the name of the collection. The collection also had some pieces with a reference to the colourful nature such as the velour caftan with the peacock beaded motif and feathers. Various green nuances giving the garments a smooth refined look. A true celebration of the versatility of the caftan. For a more traditional feel and to stay authentic to the caftan, the sfifa and l’akkad were incorporated to the designs.

Her inspiration for the second collection; The Voyage of Venus came to life by looking through some pictures of Thalita Getty, the Dutch icon that inspired so many in the 1960’s fashion with her iconic Moroccan fashion looks. As a Dutch Moroccan designer Jamina Lahssini wanted to reflect a piece of her exquisite captivating style in her caftan design. The Voyage of Venus, set against the dream-like decor is also a Moroccan escapade to the rich history and story of the human odyssee.

The blue leather caftan inspired by the blue ocean and city of Tangier reminiscent on the impact of migration and change in fashion but more so in the evolution of the caftan. This line consist of more leather pieces together with beautiful beaded caftans with a more satin and velvet finish.

Class combined with beauty an excellent match achieved with a Jamina Lahssini caftan.

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For more information on the brand PR & Communications T: +316 33310450

Jamina Lahssini
Prices upon request.
Showroom Appointments: +31 6 21 58 73 82.

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